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About Us 

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Sybil Marie 

Wellness Consultant 

For many years Sybil had felt that she was "stuck" and had plateaued in several areas of life. She was doing all of the right things or so she thought. Something was off and she wasn't quite sure what it was. There had to be more to life than what she was experiencing. So Sybil began her journey with a big leap of faith and decided to start pursuing her passions, dreams, and goals. She began connecting with new people and this vision of her life became clearer and clearer. Along the way she created this state of being known as "Eudaimonia"; she began to not only survive but she began to thrive. This is the essence of Eudaimonia, inc. We want you to start thriving. With our knowledge, experience, and offerings we would like to help you start thriving today. We know each person has their own path with this journey of "well- being" so let us help you along the way. When we work with you we help you build a unique wellness plan for you and your goals. Click the button below to book your wellness consultation now and get started today. 


Apollo Aelius

Digital Manager 

Intuitive Design Consultant

As a digital manager and designer for us Apollo is responsible for the updating and management of our digital and social  presence. He utilizes his skills to help all of our offering be a beautiful and impactful as possible. If you reach out to us for questions, comments, or concerns he will help direct you to the correct information or website page. He is an artist, healer, and intuitive himself and he blends all of these skills together to help spiritual entrepreneurs build and manage their businesses. If you are looking for art, a website, or business advice as a spiritual entrepreneur he is the guy to go to. He is heart centered and heart lead so if you have any questions about our offerings or his offerings with spiritual entrepreneurs click the button below to send him a message directly. Also feel free to check out his website below to explore all of his offerings too. 

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