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DIY Olive Oil Recipe with Essential Oils

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Are you ready to jazz up your recipes with a quick and easy DIY recipe? Your taste buds will totally thank you for this delicious flavor boost. You only need a few things to make it too. Go grab your CPTG Lemon & Black Pepper essential oils. Make sure the essential oils you are using are pure and safe for internal use. If you don’t have any on hand, send them your way now using the links below.

You will need:

-CPTG Lemon oil

-CPTG Black Pepper oil

-Oil Atomizer

-Olive Oil

Ok, here we go, you’re about to have upgraded dishes in less than two minutes. First you’re going to want to add your desired amount of CPTG essential oils. I used 15 drops Lemon oil and 10 drops black pepper. Feel free to play with these ratios to get your desired flavor strength. Remember, you can always add more of the essential oils if need be so be sure to start with less and add more if you wish. Now just unscrew the lid of your atomizer, fill it with the olive oil and wha la, screw the lid back on and you’re ready to get cooking with a boost! Don’t worry about having to shake the mixture to get it to blend, unless you add more essential oils after adding the olive oil, then give it a gentle shake to disperse the added oils.

The reason I love using the atomizer is because it makes adding flavor to your dishes so easy with little to no mess and you have total control over the application process. They offer a steady stream of flavored oil to easily coat your dishes like fish, chicken, pasta salads or whatever you choose to use it on. You can also get creative and make so many other flavor combinations. Do you love cooking with ginger and cinnamon? Ok, go grab CPTG Ginger & Cinnamon oil (insert my website link) and mix it up the same way, stating with less, tasting, and adding more if you need to. You can even use other base cooking oils such as almond oil, grapeseed oil or whatever you like! Below is a list of some of my favorite flavor combinations in hopes this will give you so many new ideas and versatility in the kitchen. These also make great gifts given individually or as a set (grab a basket and a bow and ta da!)

CPTG Wild Orange & Clove

CPTG Lime & Tangerine

CPTG Basil & Black Pepper

CPTG Thyme & Rosemary

CPTG Cardamom & Cinnamon

CPTG Lemon, Black Pepper & Pink Pepper

the combinations are truly endless. Happy creating, cooking & enjoying fun delicious food.

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