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Loving Your Lymphatic System

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Let's Talk about your Lymphatic System & Hydration

About 4 years ago when I first learned about the bodies lymphatic system, what its basic job description is and how I could better support it. This all came about after my own personal struggle with staph infection. I suffered with this “super bug” for nearly 4 months and it was embarrassing, painful and agonizing when nothing would work to help treat it. I tried many natural remedies as that is always my first go to and the field I work in but eventually was desperate enough to go and get an antibiotic after a visit to urgent care. After two failed rounds and my first ever yeast infection, I was at a loss and so ready to just give up.

Insert dōTERRA’s convention that I was attending in Salt Lake City for the third year in a row; it was there that my jaw dropped and my eyes welled up with tears. As I sat there in so much discomfort with bandaids all over my legs covering dozens of open sores, founder of the company, Emily Wright, poured her heart out about her family’s own run in with staph/MRSA. Several kids in her family had all contracted it via a birthday bounce house and one of her nephews had it right up against one of his eyes. The doctor had told them that if they couldn’t stop the spread of it, he would likely lose his eyesight in that eye. This testimony was so powerful and emotional for me as she then began to show before and after pictures of the power of pure Rose essential oil applied directly the affected area. Up until this point, Rose oil was nearly impossible to find a pure source of as it is one of the most adulterated oils in the entire world because of its very low yielding waxy flower. It takes an incredible amount of plant material to just to produce a little oil. This woman had done the unthinkable. She announced the release of dōTERRA Rose essential oil. My eyes started leaking and I couldn’t believe it, it felt like this was all such divine intervention and it was as though she was talking directly to me. It was as if she knew I was struggling with that very same issue and she had just announced an incredible natural solution that not only worked, but worked quickly and without side effects. I bought that Rose oil immediately and went to pick it up faster than your can imagine. Within the first week of using it, nearly all my open sores were disappearing and it was quickly apparent that this was it, this was the solution I had been praying for.

All of this led me to get even more intentional about my health and I found myself at a class where another woman was teaching about the lymphatic system. I had no clue what the lymphatic system did or how things like staph infection, mono and countless other infections can actually live dormant in your lymphatic system for years on end. What!? After learning this, I wanted to make sure I was doing all the right things to ensure that I was flushing my lymphatic system of anything dormant that may be lurking, especially the staph. Reflecting back on all of this, I can see just how divinely timed everything in this chain of events was and I’m so grateful for all of the alignments that have followed to bring me to this place I am now with so many greater understandings.

So, do you know what your lymphatic system is responsible for?

In simple terms, I was told it was basically like a big filtration/sewage system of our body but since there’s no “motor” (ie, organ that runs it and keeps things moving) it can get backed up or have blockages because so many people lack a basic understanding of how it works. Now I’m no doctor or scientist, so I want to keep this very basic, but I do feel confident that I can help shine light on how an average person can better support this system which in my opinion and many others, is a major player in our bodies overall health that so easily gets overlooked by the mainstream medical world.

Now then, how do you move unwanted things like pathogens through your lymphatic system to help them exit the body you may be wondering? Here’s the big 3: hydration, an alkaline diet and exercise!

That being said, I want to focus on the one that has been the easiest and biggest help for me personally and that is hydration. Over half our body is made up of water, roughly 60%, probably even more than that. Because of this we also need to be conscious of what kind of water we are drinking.

Not all water is equal, not even close actually! Some water is quite acidic or over chlorinated or has heavy metals present or worse yet, has way too much fluoride in it (that’s another topic all in itself) but to stay on course. It is important to become aware of the pH level of the water that you are consuming daily. That water is what winds up in every cell of your body. This single piece of information could save you a lot of health problems down the road because when you’re aware that your body has a pH level and you pair that with the knowledge of alkalinity in the body, you become all the wiser and more capable. When a pH level of 7.35 or higher can be obtained and sustained, things like cancer and disease simply cannot survive in that alkaline body type. This is a really BIG DEAL! Not only does proper hydration keep your lymphatic system running, but when it’s all alkaline water you’re plumbing your body with, you wind up installing the top of the line system ideal for keeping your entire body healthier.

It seems like such a simple piece of information that you may start to wonder why everyone doesn’t know and practice this, and I feel the same way which is exactly why I chose to write on this topic. Being healthy doesn’t have to be so hard. When we focus on the basic fundamentals of what our bodies need to run optimally, it becomes much clearer for us to begin to forge that path to a healthy life. The biggest thing I’ve had to come to terms with is that some “entities” we’ll call them, just simply don’t want to lose out on their profits which is why we don’t see massive public shifts for overall health and wellness taking place on a global scale. Unfortunately, too many people profit off of the sick to want to truly help forge change via the masses. What it takes is individuals like you reading articles like this to get a leg up and start implementing simple but profound changes for yourself and your family and spreading the word.

Lastly, here’s a few simple tips to help you make wiser water choices. Get water pH tester strips (link) this will help you visibly see what the pH level of your water is. I personal use refillable gallon jugs and make the trip to my local natural grocery store 1-2 times a week to purchase alkaline water that has been both filtered and remineralized. There are also plenty of options for installing high quality water filtration systems to your faucet or better yet, a whole home filtration system. I’m not quite there yet, and if you’re not either, these strips will help you stay on top of your water quality just as well.

Another great option is drinking pure CPTG Lemon essential oil in your water daily. Lemon oil from dōTERRA is both safe to ingest and because it comes from the rind of the fruit, it’s actually alkaline, unlike lemon juice which comes from the pulp and is highly acidic. Depending on your level of essential oil knowledge, this may be something you can quickly and easily adopt, or you may be someone who wants some more education. You can check out my video library and search for the essential oil safety topic and brush up on the do’s and don’ts. My pro tip: Mix any oils that you’re going to be taking internally at a 50% dilution ratio with organic MCT oil. This ensures optimal absorption and eliminates any risk of sensitivity to your organs.

My Lemon oil link:

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