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Virtual Mini Session

These mini sessions are great for focusing in on one specific issue or target area that you're looking to gleam a bit of useful information on. I am a natural born problem solver and love seeking solutions with clients that will give them an opportunity to take hands on action to troubleshoot and navigate their wellness challenges.

Personal Wellness Consultation

This in depth 60 minutes is open to the topic(s) of your choosing so before our session please reflect on the main wellness area(s) you would like to discuss. I usually suggest having 2-4 touch points so we have enough time to dig in and get some good actionable follow through steps for each. After this consultation you should feel like you have a workable road map of recommended options for moving forward towards your health goals. This road map may include referrals to specific wellness practitioners or fields, free samples of targeted holistic options I have access to and daily lifestyle habit upgrade options to give you immediate opportunities to improve your wellness.

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Clarity Call Follow Up

Designed to help bring clarity to your implementations and options discussed from your initial "Personal Wellness Consultation" session.


This is a good idea to book if you have questions about moving forward with your personal road map we laid out or if you'd like to reflect on what has been helping or what hasn't.  This will give us the option to layer on additional wellness lifestyle habits if needed or address things that don't seem to be adding benefit. Remember, every "body" is different so sometimes what works best for most, isn't what will work best for you. I accept those challenges to dig deeper when necessary and always invite my clients to keep focusing on discovering new solutions rather than settling in setbacks.

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